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Becoming a Millionaire God's Way

Becoming A Millionaire God’s Way – Package


Dr. Tom Anderson’s first best-selling book, Becoming a Millionaire God’s Way, shows you the perfect plan for wealth in your life


This newly revised and expanded edition decries the myth that Christians must be poor and gives readers the keys to financial prosperity. Dr. Anderson combines biblical principles with expert financial advice, equipping readers with the tools they need to attain the riches they deserve. An invaluable resource for current or would-be investors or entrepreneurs, this book not only inspires readers to become educated about finances but also spurs them on to action and compels them to move forward confidently to achieve their financial dreams.
New content includes callouts and new chapters on how to invest safely in today’s market and on understanding that Jesus wasn’t poor.


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Becoming A Millionaire God’s Way – Package

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Becoming a Millionaire God's Way