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Intelligence by Design Power of the Hebrew Alphabet

The Word for “letter” in Hebrew means signs and wonders. If we believe there’s power in the words of God, then there is power in the letters that spell them.

A depth of wisdom revealed from the phonetic sound vibration and numerical value of the 22 Ancient Hebrew letters dating back historically to 3500 years ago, some dating to 6500 years ago.

In my opinion, this gives us a more accurate form of communication of God to mankind, yet correlates perfectly with most modern translations of the Old and New Testaments, which is a miracle in its own right.

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Dr. C. Thomas Anderson

After receiving the revelation of grace, was called of God to go to the nations, His Church, with the revelation of grace and truth. Faith is the access to grace (Rom. 5:2). He has built four multi-million dollar ministries and is now building his fifth. Each one was the heart of God to fulfill God’s will on this earth.

Dr. Anderson is known worldwide by his author name, Dr. C. Thomas Anderson, and his best-selling book, Becoming a Millionaire God’s Way. He has a passionate heart to see God’s people freed from poverty and come into the wealth that Christ Jesus has already given them in the Kingdom of God.