Dr. Tom
Apostleship to 42 churches.
Dr. Tom has built four successful mega, multi-million dollar businesses.
Dr. Tom has become renowned worldwide for his in-depth knowledge and revelation of God’s Word. He and his wife, Dr. Maureen Anderson, founded Living Word Bible Church, one of the largest churches in the greater Phoenix area. Dr. Tom is founder and CEO of The Word for Winners, a ministry covering the earth with the word of God’s grace. Known worldwide by his author name, Dr. C. Thomas Anderson’s, best-selling book is Becoming a Millionaire God’s Way. As an apostle, Dr. Tom has a passion to build the local church and assist pastors in accomplishing this.

This is what Dr. Tom offers pastors and churches.

From his heart to yours.

How may I serve your congregation?

  • Wealth Training
  • Leadership Training
  • Marriage Seminar
  • Health Seminar (Anti-Aging)
  • Men’s Ministry
  • Television Programming

How may I serve you?

  • Personal one-on-one pastor coaching
  • Building layout for cost-effective church
  • Building a mega church
  • Multi-methods of fund raising
  • The power of the tithe
  • Leadership training
  • Successful pastoring