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Damaged DNA: Get Free From Family Addictions

We all have commented on those family traits that identify our heritage. Many are as harmless as the color of hair or the size of a nose. But others are dreadfully destructive – traits such as divorce, certain diseases, drug or alcohol addiction, anger and abuse. They seem to dictate the course of life as predictable as DNA. 

Dr. Maureen Anderson shares from her own experience and from biblical promises the path to freedom from generational curses and new life in the blessings and promises of God.


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Dr. Maureen Anderson

Dr. Maureen Anderson’s founding principles are love, faith and grace. She has been called to “Cover the earth with the Word of Grace,” and faith is the access to grace (Rom. 5:2). Her heart and passion is to bring the revelation of grace to God’s people with such understanding that it becomes truth that sets them free from religion and legalism and launches them into a life of blessings, God’s will and plan for them in the destiny He created for them.