At the age of 25, I received Christ as my Lord and Savior, and had an overwhelming
desire to live for Christ. Excitement overtook me! I was full of dreams, plans and goals to fulfill
God’s destiny for me. My journey began in my new-found life that has been infinitely more that
my greatest request and my most unbelievable dreams. My life exceeds them all.

Called of God to bring this amazing life in Christ to God’s people, to you, to fulfill your
dreams and live an exceedingly abundant life! My heart and call of God is for you to know and
accomplish your destiny in Christ. It’s for you to come into a life of faith that gives you access to
the New Covenant of Grace, to live the blessed life with no stress, no sickness, nor poverty. It’s a
life free from the curse, a life of going from blessing to blessing.

It’s a life I live to please God in everything.

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