Word For Winners

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Are You Spirit Led or Emotionally Driven?

Are you a nervous wreck from too much STRESS?
Do you lie awake at night WORRYING about things over which you have no control?
Do you explode in a RAGE and wish you could take it all back?
Do you suppress your ANGER until you hate the people around you?
Who’s running your life, you or your emotions?
When you don’t take control of your emotions and direct them the way God wants them to go, you will then get into toxic emotions which releases poisonous chemicals that will eventually destroy you. This book gives you the information that will save your life!

182 Pages

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Dr. Maureen Anderson

Dr. Maureen Anderson’s founding principles are love, faith and grace. She has been called to “Cover the earth with the Word of Grace,” and faith is the access to grace (Rom. 5:2). Her heart and passion is to bring the revelation of grace to God’s people with such understanding that it becomes truth that sets them free from religion and legalism and launches them into a life of blessings, God’s will and plan for them in the destiny He created for them.